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My Travel Friendly Shower Filter

Worldwide delivery available for anyone who needs to protect their hair & skin this year! 

All filters shipped via Royal Mail! 


Now available; replacement filters! (Only the inside!)
Unscrew your filter and replace it with a refill every 6 months!  

About My Shower Filter


Welcome to the world of healthier hair! Our shower filter is equipped with a 25 stage filtration system that takes out any nasty toxins and chlorine, as well as trapping heavy metals such as lead, mercury, nickel and chromium. Its advanced technology also helps to reduce the growth of bacteria and fungi, so you can enjoy fresh, clean water. You'll soon notice the difference – your soap and shampoo will lather better, your skin will feel softer, and the chlorine smell will soon be a distant memory! Let's get healthier hair together!

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